I knew he didn’t love me, but I adored him anyway.
― Patti Smith  (via paigechanel4)

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Anonymous: the other night, my friend texted me saying that he didn't feel like living anymore and wanted to kill himself. i was up almost all night worrying about him and when i texted him in the morning, he said he really didn't want to talk about anything. i think he's going through something that he's not telling me about, but i don't want to be pushy about it. i'm really worried about him. what do i do, AK?

I’m in the same situation! I’m a pretty pushy person so I kept asking but it didn’t seem to work. To be honest I would be worried, let him know that he can confide in you & that you guys can get through it together, & that you’re there for him..Try to have him talk about it because that stuff is scary. It’s better to pushy than to lose a friend. I’m not the best at advice giving so I hope that helped !

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Anonymous: Hi there. You are such a great inspiration and are a great role model and have a beautiful smile that can capture the hearts of thousands. If you are dating anybody they must be the luckiest man ever. (^ ^)Thanks bye!

I’m blushing, thank you for those kind words!:) how sweet of you!!!! I’m not dating anyone right now actually!

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